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Hart & Associates is a law firm located in Miami, Florida that concentrates its practice on matters of United States immigration and nationality law, with a specific emphasis on business, professional and investment cases for companies and individuals seeking to relocate to the United States. We represent individuals and businesses in all areas of immigration, including temporary non-immigrant visas and lawful permanent residence based on employment, investment, or family relationships. We also assist our clients with visa processing through U.S. Consulates. We advise on transmitted U.S. citizenship and naturalization.

Our firm is skilled in the preparation of all immigration petitions and applications and has developed checklists and technology-based procedures for streamlining the process for both the employer and the foreign national.


At Hart & Associates our sole focus is U.S. immigration. Over the past 14+ years, we have successfully helped our clients obtain their U.S. visas, permanent resident status, and citizenship. Some of the most popular visas are listed below:


Please download your I-94 Arrival/Departure Record upon each new entry to the U.S.


The I-94 governs your period of lawful stay in the U.S. (not your visa stamp or USCIS approval notice.) You are solely responsible for tracking your lawful stay and that of your family members while in the United States.

  U.S. Employers and Businesses:  The Federal government is targeting Visa Holders so make sure your Employee Records and Policies are in order!


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